An email notification is sent to inform your subscribers about your announcements like products updates, new features, or company news.

It allows you to deliver your announcements to your audience even though they are away from your website.

💡 Email notifications feature is available for all the plans

Follow the path below to enable email subscriptions:

AnnounceKit Dashboard > Settings > General > E-mail Subscriptions

How can your audience subscribe?

You can let your audience subscribe to your emails on your feed and widget.




Is it possible to import the existing email list to AnnounceKit?

Unfortunately, we do not support importing emails lists to avoid spam issues and unwanted emails. But, we can integrate your email service provider to import the email list on the enterprise plan. Kindly contact us at [email protected] or via live-chat box.

How do I set up an email subscription alert?

You can enable email subscriptions (alerts) from the Settings, so your users can subscribe (opt-in) to the updates from your feed and widget.

How can I see the number of my subscribers?

There are 2 ways of checking the number of subscribers.

  1. You can see it in the People section in your dashboard by adding a rule for subscribed.

  2. You can visit the Analytics section.

I am receiving a "You have tried too many times. Please wait a few minutes before trying again" error while subscribing to updates; what can I do?

The reason that you have the "You have tried too many times. Please wait a few minutes before trying again." error is because you try several times to subscribe to the feed with the same IP. We have 5 request limits for 1 hour on the same IP address.

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