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Analytics is a section where you can analyze and monitor the performance of your announcements.

Analytics presents unique metrics to monitor the performance and efficiency of your announcements in one place and see how your users interact with your announcements.

It lets you measure the performance of your posts, widgets, and feed as well as track your users and email activities between the dates specified according to your segmentation settings. You can also see the activity of modal boosters, top-performing posts, and user number by country.

We recommend setting up the User Tracking feature for more detailed and accurate numbers.


  • Post Views are counted as your visitors scroll down the widget or feed.

  • Widget Views are counted each time a user clicks on the widget.

  • Feed Views are counted when a user clicks and views your feed.

  • Total Users shows the number of your users, basically Sessions.

  • Tracked Users shows the number of the users for which you have provided properties and details. "User Tracked" visitors.

  • Subscribers show the number of people who have subscribed to your updates via email.

  • Email Sent, Delivered, Opened shows how many emails are sent, delivered, and opened.

  • Modal Booster shows the views and clicks on your modal boosters.

  • Bar Booster shows the views and clicks on your bar boosters.

  • Top Performing Posts ranks your posts according to the engagement (reaction, comment, etc.) given by your audience and the views they have received.

  • Devices show the percentage of user numbers by device—desktop or mobile.

  • Countries show user numbers by country.


Are these numbers Total or Unique?

All these numbers are unique (counted only once) visitors and events over a specified time period (6 hours).

What events are included in "Engagement"?

Events such as link clicks, comments, and reactions are included in the Engagement counter.

Can I analyze a specific user segment group?

Yes, you can choose a Segment Profile and get analytics data only for that segment.

What does your Google Analytics setup do?

We send the same events to Google Analytics; if you would like to integrate GA, click here.

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