Welcome to the ultimate feed customization guide!

How to enable advanced feed customization public beta?

Step 1. Go on Settings on your dashboard

Step 2. A window will pop up on the left-hand side of the page. Find Public Feed

Step 3. Enable Alpha Preview Version

You will see 5 different sections in the sidebar:

1. Themes

2. Global Settings

3. Header

4. Sidebar

5. Post List

Now, let's take a detailed look 🔍

1. Themes

Themes enable you to change the theme mode. It offers two modes:

⚪️ light

⚫️ dark

2. Global Settings

At the top of this section, you would see style options. You can personalize the style of your changelog however you want!

Global Settings also include our previous features like title and description boxes. You can also change the colour of the accent and background; and the font family.

At the end of this section, you will see the container size regulator.

3. Header

In this section, you may customize the colour of the background and text colour.

Guess what's more? We allow you to personalize the colour of the AnnounceKit' logo according to the pattern of your page!

There is also a Controls section in the Header.

In Controls:

You can hide Subscribe and Back Buttons, and you may customize the button background and text colour.

4. Sidebar

You may change the location of the sidebar on your page.

You can hide the Search button.

If you don't, you may change the colour of the button.

5. Post List

In our new feed customization platform, you can personalize the background colour of your posts and the texts accordingly.

You may also change the font size, label opacity, shadow and border-radius in this section.

There is also a Feedback section, in which you can personalize the feedback box.

You can hide the feedback box here.

You can change the colour of the emoji decoration.

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