Domain access is a privacy option to keep your announcements private only for allowed email extension.

With domain access, you will be able to add a domain-based rule to your feed that will limit access to your feed page only with the allowed domain address.

By doing so, your feed can be viewed by people whose email domain addresses match with the extension you entered into the system.

In Settings on your AnnounceKit dashboard, you can go Privacy & Security. On this page, you can enable domain access by enabling private feed first. Then you can enter the domain extension with which you would like to limit the access.

After doing so, whenever try to reach your feed, they'll have a page in which they should enter their email address to request access.

If their email domain extension matches with the domain you entered at first, they'll get a magic link via email to open your feed.

If their domain does not match, nothing will be sent to their inbox.

Keep in mind that each magic link is valid only for 24 hours and can only be used one time.

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