3.Webhooks are a way of integrating your applications with minimal effort to send automated messages and push real-time data from one application to another.

This communication of data happens over the web via a webhook URL.

A webhook URL is derived from the receiving application and acts as a phone that the transmitter application can call when the trigger event occurs. It is not a phone, but an AnnounceKit event.

Imagine you are using Discord for your internal communications and AnnounceKit for product updates. Every time you publish a new post, you have to manually input the details of it in your Discord channel to let your team know about it.

This might be an extra workload for you, and you might quickly become bored as your product is constantly improving. If only Discord and AnnounceKit could communicate with one another. Using webhooks simply makes this happen.

With webhooks integrations, you can receive AnnounceKit events via webhooks to integrate custom services. Events are delivered in real-time using HTTP POST requests.

What are the events you'll be able to receive via webhooks?

You'll be able to receive events such as;

1. "post.feedback"
2. "post.reaction"
3. "project.subscribe"
4. "project.unsubscribe"
5. "post.create"
6. "post.update"
7. "post.publish"
8. "post.unpublish"

How to integrate your apps with AnnounceKit through webhooks?

You can simply go to Settings > Integrations and add your webhook URL. The rest will be set up in your webhooks settings.

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