In this section, we'll go together through the Language Settings for your feed.

  • Project Languages

Here, you can set up additional languages and even override translations that were provided by our community.

At the bottom, you'll see the option to add a language to your feed.

Here's what happens when you add language here :

  1. It'll be seen on your feed for your users to read the announcements in their respective languages.

  2. You'll see the language of your choice while creating a post, and it will be shown in its respective feed.

    For example, when you make a post in Italian, it will be shown in the Italian Feed

    Please note that you still have to create the posts for other languages on your own, as they won't be automatically translated from English.

  3. When you click on a language other than the Default one, you have an option to choose it as a Default language. This will make your Default language the first choice while creating a post, as well as load the feed in the Default language.

    Each project has a default language and any number of additional languages. By default, your widgets will load the content in Default Language

    In order to choose a different language while setting up a widget, click here.

  4. In case you wish to choose the language automatically depending on the users' browser language settings, you can use lang: "auto" it instead of a specific language code. AnnounceKit will match the users' browser language to the project languages. For more information, check out here.

  5. To delete a language, choose the language you'd like to remove, scroll to the bottom, and click on "Remove" under "Remove Language"

  • Overriding the translations

When you click on a language, you can override the translations to suit your own needs.

The options you have are mainly about Widgets, Feed, Labels, and Subscriptions.

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