Here, we'll go through the settings for your feed page.

  • Title, Description, Website, Custom Hostname

    You can change the title, description, and the website of your feed with your visitors, users, or teammates.

    Furthermore, you can even have your own Custom Hostname. For this, please check out our Setup Guide

  • Other Options for the Feed

    You have the options to Disable Feed, Legacy Feed System, Display Segmented Posts Publicly, Redirect Based on Browser Language

  • Disabling the feed is when you don't want a standalone feed and want to completely restrict access

  • You can use the Legacy Feed appearance, instead of our latest one. Please note that it's meant for backward compatibility and does not have strong theming capabilities and receives fewer updates.

    Please refer to THE ARTICLE THAT WILL BE CREATED for further differences between the new and old systems

  • By default, your targeted announcements (aka Segmented Posts) will not be public. By enabling Display Segmented Posts Publicly, all Segmented Posts will be available to the public.

  • If you have multi-language posts, enabling Redirect Based on Browser Language option will automatically redirect to the translated version of the post or feed.

  • Custom JavaScript / CSS

    You can insert custom JavaScript in your newsfeed for things like tracking codes, chatbots, etc, and custom CSS to change your feed's appearance.

    Note that you can only use <script> and <style> tags and must have a custom hostname to use <script>

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