Product development is a process consisting of different stages, and each of them has to be given the necessary importance. Beyond the development framework itself, it is also important to share your plan from idea to launch with your audience.

At that point, public roadmaps get into play. With a public roadmap, you can outline your upcoming improvements, plans, features, or fixes on the road during your development process. It includes information about your goals and release dates.

AnnounceKit product roadmap

AnnounceKit roadmap enables you to keep a public roadmap of your upcoming announcements and keep your audience updated on what's coming next.

How to use the AnnounceKit roadmap?

Your product roadmap will be deactivated by default upon your sign-up.

It can be activated in Roadmap Settings by switching the toggle below. Then you'll be ready to start using your roadmap! 🗺

You can go to Roadmap, select Add Item and start creating your roadmap item in the modal opened here.

After that, you can manage the stage of your roadmap item by drag-dropping.

General roadmap settings

Your roadmap will be displayed on the top of your newsfeed and widget as below.

You can make general settings to your roadmap to customize it as you wish. In Roadmap Settings, you can change the title of your roadmap, add/remove stages, and customize the color and name of the stages.

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