User segmentation is a feature that lets you separate your users into different groups based on shared properties and send targeted announcements.

With Segmentation, you can target a specific group of users to send your announcements. This helps you to make your announcements visible to the right user base. You can also filter user activities by these segment profiles.

In order to use the Segmentation feature, you need to set up User Tracking while implementing your widget into the desired web page.

You can segment your users based on their roles, locations, past events, login statuses, or you can also provide custom data. After that, whenever a visitor meets the rules of the segment, they will be included in that group.

How to Create a Segment?

First, you need to go Settings on AnnounceKit Dashboard and find Segmentation. You can start creating segments here.

  1. Add a new segmentation field to the list. The field name can be anything descriptive. To learn more about Segmentation Fields, see here.

  2. After creating your segmentation field, define different types of user segment profiles in the People section by adding rules for specific segment fields. To learn more about Segment Profiles, see here.

  3. You can manage and change these profiles in Settings any time you want.

How to Send Segmented Announcements?

When you are creating a post, you can load your segment profilers and add rules to your post.


How do I attach segmentation attribute to current subscribers?

When you set up your segment profiles, It gets attached as a subscriber interacts with your feed or widgets.

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