What is "Segmentation" and how to set it up?

Define specific user segments

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What is Segmentation?

What is Segmentation?

User segmentation is a feature that lets you separate your users into different groups based on shared properties and send targeted announcements.

Sending targeted announcements helps you to make your announcements visible to the right user base. You can also filter user activities by these segment profiles.

With AnnounceKit's Segmentation, you can:

Create your own user profile for your project and send targeted announcements to them

Create a combination of segmentation rules (aka Segment Profiles) and analyse their traffic, sessions, views and more

How to activate Segmentation?

In order to use the Segmentation feature, you need to enable User Tracking through
widget configuration. You can use our detailed step by step explanation here.

After providing a unique user identifier in your widget embed code, you need to code the data you want to Segment within the data object

See above: data object was used to create the "member_type" segmentation

You can segment your users based on their roles, locations, past events, and login statuses or provide custom data. After that, whenever a visitor meets the rules of the segment, they will be included in that group.

You also need to add the "member_type" as a Segment Field in your project to use it later for targeting announcements.

For further explanation of our Segmentation Fields with real life examples, check out this article.

You can also create Segment Profiles with the rules you have, that represent a specific user group based on shared user properties.

List of created Segment Profiles

For further explanation of our Segment Profiles with real life examples, check out this article.

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