What are Widgets?

Widget is an HTML component that can be embedded in your webpage or web application that displays posts you created on AnnounceKit.

Widgets allow you to implement a notification center inside your web page/application without any coding requirements. It has a rich feature set and content support such as images, videos, and embedded documents.

The widget includes an attention-grabbing element called Launcher that increases the visibility of your widget.

Widgets also let your visitors, users, or teammates subscribe to the feature news and updates that you'll publish. People can subscribe to the updates via Email, RSS, and Slack.

All you need to do is to create a widget that best suits your needs and branding. After that, you can get the code and implement it on your webpage where your visitors can easily see it.

AnnounceKit Widgets

AnnounceKit enables you to create several types of in-app notification widgets to show your announcements. Here are five different widget types you might want to use on your website:

  • Sidebar

  • Popup

  • Modal

  • Embed

  • Direct Link

You can create a widget by going to Settings, then Widgets, and clicking on 'Create New'

Widget Customization

You can personalize the design of your widget with widget customization. It enables you to choose your widget type along with many other customizations.

Here are some options you have with widget customization.

  • The color of the header, text, link, title, date, background, reaction emojis, etc.

  • The font used in the widget

  • The visibility of the header, feedback, subscriptions, and search input

  • The spacing and shadows

You can customize a widget by going to Widgets under Settings and then clicking on 'Edit Theme'

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