We provide you with an email notifications digest to notify your users about the latest company news and updates in a single email.

💡Email Digest feature is available for Scale plan

Email notifications digest is a single email that combines all of your posts that published during a specific time period into one single message and send to your email subscribers at each selected interval.

Email Digest enables your subscribers to

  1. See the monthly progress of your product easily

  2. Find the emails that they find interesting but may have missed

  3. Get informed about even the littlest improvement or bug fix that cannot be notified in a sole email

  4. Minimize the time they are spending on reading emails and be interrupted less often while they are working

Follow the path below to enable Email Digest

  1. Go to Settings in your AnnounceKit Dashboard.

  2. Select Email Digest in your sidebar.

  3. You will see Enable Digest and all you need to do is check the box

How to Personalize your Email Notifications Digest?

We provide you with several options for personalizing your email digest.

  1. Frequency: You may decide on how often do you want to send your email notifications digest

  2. Sending Day: You may select the day of sending

  3. Exclude Labels: You can exclude whichever label you want to from your email

  4. Post Content: You can choose the post content that best fits you

  5. You may Include Segmented Posts if you wish to by checking the box

💡 You'll receive a final draft at least 12 hours before the email is sent, so you can make a final changes, or cancel it.

How your audience can subscribe to your email notifications digest?

You can let your audience subscribe to your email notifications digest on your feed or widget.

All to do is click Subscribe to Updates and choose Email Subscription on your feed!

Or they can subscribe to email notifications on your widget.

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