Welcome to our New and Improved Post Page!

We tidied the post editing section for it to be more eye-catching so as to make creating and editing your posts easier.

How to switch between New and Old Style?

You can switch to new style by clicking on the "Switch to new and improved editor" at the right bottom of your page.

What's New?

Our new post page consists of 4 main sections:

  • Post-Editor

  • Segmentation

  • Boosters

  • and extra features

To create a new post, you can simply enter your post title in the upper box, write your post body in the box below, customize your post body with the content editor, add labels, make other selections and publish.

1) Post Editor

Content Editor is a toolbar in which you can customize your post with a large number of enhanced features.

It allows you to add texts, images, videos, links, labels, CTA buttons, and many more features to your new post.

For a detailed explanation of this section, check out our New Post Editor page.

2) User Segmentation

Here, you can choose Segmentation rules to send announcements to specific users of your choice. You can segment your posts according to different user or visitor properties you set up earlier during your widget setup.

To read more about how to utilize Segmentation while creating posts and sending targeted announcements, check out our article here.

3) Boosters

You can use several types of boosters for your posts:

  • Email Subscribers: You can send your posts via email to your subscribers.

  • Modal Booster: You can highlight important announcements on your website in a modal window, ensuring that your users see your time-sensitive and significant announcements.

  • Pop-Up Booster: You can add in-app notifications with pop-up windows to notify your users about your post.

  • Announcement Bar Booster: You can also add the announcement bar booster type to notify your users about your post.

For more details, check out our Boosters article.

4) More Features

  • Publish On

    You can pick the date and time for your post to be published. By default, the publish date is set to the current date and time when the post is created, but if you like, you can change it, set any previous date, or schedule it for a future date.

  • Labels

    Here, you can add the previously created labels in your post body to specify the related announcement. Check out our article to learn more about how to create labels.

  • Author

    You can change the author of this specific post. The author's information is displayed on the standalone feed page and widgets.

  • Cover Image

    You can upload a cover image to your post that will be seen on your announcements. Please note that the Recommended Size is 1200px x 628px 1MB max.

  • Save as Draft

    You can save your post as a draft to edit later.

  • Pin Post on Top

    You can pin the post on the top of your standalone feed page and widget. Usually, this option is used to increase the visibility of the post, making sure that everybody sees it.

  • Override Post URL

    You can redirect your post to the specified URL when clicked on widgets and your feed.

  • Expire On

    You can pick an expiry date for your post. At that time, the post won't be visible anymore on the standalone feed page and widgets.

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