General Project Settings

Learn how to change your project name, logo, favicon and more!

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In this section, we'll together the Project Settings and what they do.

We recommend, at least, for you to set your Project Name and Logo before creating a post.

However, if you'd like, you can jump straight into Creating a New Post immediately.

Project Name, Website, Logo & Favicon

You can change your project's name, website that your project is under and upload your logo and favicon. Your project's name and favicon will be used in social previews, such as bookmarks and tabs.

Display Author Information

If you enable Display Author Information, you can show the name of your team member who published a post.

White Label

This option enables you to remove the AnnounceKit logo from your feed.

Collect Visitor Feedback

This option will allow you to add a feedback option to your posts, in the form of Emoticons.

Email and Slack Subscriptions

This will allow your users subscribe to your posts and receive your updates via e-mail or are notified in their Slack channels.
You can even send a test mail to test this out immediately.

Feed/Widget Language

This will change the language of the elements of your feed and widgets.

(For example, the date language format and "subscribe to updates" section)

Google Analytics Property ID

We send the same events to Google Analytics and you can integrate your Google Analytics into your project.

Custom Privacy Policy URL

You can insert a link to have your own privacy policy linked in the widgets and feeds

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